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At Lead Harvestor, we revolutionize the connection between contractors and customers seeking top-notch home renovation services. Our unique Pay-Per-Appointment model offers a streamlined process, ensuring contractors receive pre-qualified, high-intent leads, optimizing their business for exceptional conversions and success in the competitive market.
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Our Services

At Lead Harvestor, we specialize in connecting renovation contractors with high-quality leads for a variety of home improvement projects. Whether you're a seasoned renovation contractor or a House remodel company, our services cater to your specific needs. From kitchen remodeling to basement renovations and luxurious basement transformations, we provide targeted leads that align with your expertise and service offerings

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Our Process: Bridging Contractors with Quality Leads

Step 1

Lead Generation Excellence

At Lead Harvestor, we excel in lead generation by implementing cutting-edge strategies tailored to the needs of renovation contractors. Our advanced techniques target individuals actively seeking reputable home renovation services, ensuring a steady flow of high-quality leads.

Step 2

Rigorous Pre-Qualification Standards

Every lead undergoes a meticulous pre-qualification process, filtering out non-committal prospects. We prioritize authenticity and intent, guaranteeing only genuinely interested and eligible leads.
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How We Work: Driving Efficiency and Results

Focused on Quality

Our commitment to delivering quality appointments ensures contractors engage with leads genuinely interested in their services, maximizing conversion opportunities.

Transparency & Empowerment

We empower contractors with detailed information about each appointment, enabling them to prepare effectively for every meeting and establish a strong connection.

Optimized ROI

With our Pay-Per-Appointment approach, contractors can bid farewell to unproductive leads and invest solely in confirmed, high-potential appointments, maximizing their return on investment.

Why Choose Lead Harvestor?

Enhanced Conversions

Our model places emphasis on quality over quantity, significantly elevating the chances of successful conversions for contractors.


Contractors bid farewell to wasted resources spent on unfruitful leads, enjoying a cost-effective approach to acquiring quality customers.

Simplified Operations

We simplify the lead generation process, allowing contractors to focus on delivering exceptional services rather than struggling with acquiring leads.
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How our leads marketplace works

Tell us what Leads you want

At Leadharvestor, we know how vital it is to focus on advertising to very specific local areas. Our technology finds the right customers your business needs, exactly where you want to serve them. For local service businesses, this kind of targeting is a must, not just a nice extra
When you become part of our Marketplace, just tell us the kinds of customer leads you want, and give us the zip codes for where you work. You can also change the types of services or adjust the zip codes in your working area whenever you need to.
“In our industry, there's a lot of competition, but Leadharvestor understands how to make your business stand out. Every dollar you invest with them is valuable. We've tried other advertising companies, but Lead Harvestor is the most honest and supportive and one of the top marketing agencies in Toronto”
Townhill Constructions Inc 
Home Renovation

Tell us how much you want to pay

What's the value of a lead? With over 20 years of experience, we're certain that a lead's worth depends on how well a company can convert it into money.
Our lead generation system understands that every business is different. You can choose how much you want to pay for each lead, and you can change it whenever you like, depending on how well it's working for you. If you're getting good results and want more leads, you can increase the cost per lead, and we'll work harder to get you more leads
“Leadharvestor has been crucial for all our leads. Our business has grown a lot since we began using them, and we're extremely happy with the quality of the leads we pay for. As one of the best contractor lead generation companies, Leadharvestor has consistently delivered high-quality leads, making them an integral part of our success”
Rvision Construction

We’ll drive exclusive Leads to you

We'll drive exclusive leads directly to your business. In today's digital age, customers are scattered across various platforms, making it challenging to manage multiple marketing channels effectively. This is where Leadharvestor comes in.

We streamline the process, making it effortless for you to acquire new customers without the hassle of managing numerous marketing channels. Simply answer the phone when it rings, and let us handle the rest.

With over years of experience, we've consistently delivered quality leads to businesses like yours, making us one of the best contractor lead generation companies in the industry
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Hear how we helped Mr Rooter of Tampa / St. Pete generate over $50,000 in revenue and add a new truck to their fleet in less than 4 months!

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does Lead Harvestor help home renovation contractors like me?

    Lead Harvestor specializes in connecting home renovation contractors with high-quality leads in their local area. Whether you’re a kitchen contractor, bathroom remodeler, or home remodeling expert, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and help you grow your business. With our targeted lead generation strategies, you can expect to receive qualified leads that are actively seeking your services, saving you time and resources.

  • What sets Lead Harvestor apart from other lead generation companies?

    Unlike traditional lead generation companies that often provide low-quality leads and require long-term contracts, Lead Harvestor operates on a pay-per-lead model. This means you only pay for the leads you receive, with no monthly commitments or hidden fees. We also offer a range of additional services, including social media posting and ads, Google Ads management, website design and development, content and SEO development, and email marketing, to help you maximize your online presence and attract more customers.

  • How can Lead Harvestor help me increase my kitchen renovation business?

    If you’re a kitchen contractor looking to expand your business, Lead Harvestor can help you attract more customers and grow your revenue. Our targeted lead generation strategies ensure that you connect with homeowners who are actively searching for kitchen renovation services in your area. From kitchen makeover projects to full-scale renovations, we’ll provide you with high-quality leads that align with your expertise and service offerings.

  • What are the benefits of using Lead Harvestor for bathroom remodel projects?

    Bathroom remodelers can benefit from Lead Harvestor’s comprehensive lead generation services to attract more clients and increase their project pipeline. Whether you specialize in bathroom renovations, upgrades, or repairs, our platform connects you with homeowners who are in need of your services. With our pay-per-lead model, you can rest assured that you’re only paying for leads that have the potential to convert into profitable projects.

  • How does Lead Harvestor help me manage kitchen renovation costs effectively?

    Managing kitchen renovation costs is essential for contractors to remain competitive in the market. Lead Harvestor helps you optimize your marketing budget by offering cost-effective lead generation solutions. With our pay-per-lead model, and No Commission model you have full control over your spending and can allocate your resources more efficiently. Additionally, our transparent reporting and analytics allow you to track the performance of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions to minimize costs and maximize ROI.