Master the Game of B to B Lead Generation.

Master the Game of B to B Lead Generation.

In the world of marketing, lead generation is the ultimate game-changer. It’s the metric that truly matters; it’s the moment we turn our creative campaigns into tangible results. At Lead Harvestor, we recognize the paramount importance of not just generating leads but generating quality leads with a genuine appetite for your offerings.

Your Path to Legendary Lead Generation Starts Here

At Lead Harvestor, we’ve harnessed the power of the digital landscape, particularly LinkedIn, to redefine how businesses approach lead generation. Our toolkit is meticulously crafted to locate prospects right where they are online and engage them with timely, ultra-relevant messages. To guide you on this transformative journey, we’ve crafted a resource that covers it all – “Lead Harvestor’s Guide to Legendary Lead Gen Campaigns.”

Why Choose LinkedIn for B2B Lead Gen?

LinkedIn is the hub where business thrives, and the statistics speak for themselves:

  • Over 57 million companies and 800 million professionals spanning 200 countries are active on LinkedIn.
  • 4 out of 5 LinkedIn members play pivotal roles in business decisions, including purchasing.
  • LinkedIn’s lead conversion rates outshine other major ad platforms by a staggering threefold.
  • Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn excel, boasting a 5x higher conversion rate compared to traditional landing pages.

In the words of Colby Cavanaugh, VP of Product Marketing at Integrate, “LinkedIn is one of the main channels where B2B buyers are researching, reading, and polling their peers about solutions to problems or new ways to drive innovation. Within this trusted environment, buyers are finding solutions to their problems… before they engage with a brand.”

Unlocking LinkedIn’s Full Lead Gen Potential

LinkedIn offers a wealth of in-built lead generation features, and companies worldwide are harnessing their power to discover and convert customers. However, those who truly stand out are those who leverage our lead generation partner ecosystem – the bedrock of connections and integrations that simplify and maximize the process of compiling highly-qualified leads for your business.

Our partner solutions bring a slew of advantages, including:

  • Automation that eliminates repetitive tasks and streamlines communication.
  • Revenue impact reporting for unparalleled visibility into your ad campaigns’ pipeline contributions.
  • Lead routing to swiftly direct opportunities to the right team members.
  • Lead scoring to assess and prioritize opportunities based on quality.
  • Lead enrichment and standardization for a deeper understanding of your prospects across channels.
  • Integration with popular tools for seamless campaign creation.

Embrace Better Lead Generation through Partnerships

Connections are at the heart of LinkedIn, and that’s why we encourage and facilitate marketing partnerships. We’ve teamed up with industry leaders and innovators to provide you with the tools to elevate your lead generation.

Our lead gen partners featured in the guide include:

  • Adobe for seamless audience targeting and account-based marketing.
  • Bizible by Adobe for clear attribution and automated reporting.
  • HubSpot for complete CRM synchronicity.
  • Integrate for budget optimization and centralized demand data.
  • Metadata for integrated automation and audience targeting.
  • Oracle Eloqua for immediate Lead Gen form integration into your workflow stream.
  • Zapier to save time, bridge communication gaps, and master lead response time.
LInkedin Specialist

Surprisingly, only one in five LinkedIn advertisers currently utilizes a partner to manage their ads, even though 58% of LinkedIn leads are automated through partner solutions. This signifies an enormous untapped opportunity for marketers and brands to get ahead of the competition.

The first step towards this transformative journey is acquiring your copy of “Lead Harvestor’s Guide to Legendary Lead Gen Campaigns.” Your next level of success is just a click away.