Pricing Social media advertising - Lead Harvestor

Pricing for social media marketing


Social Media Starter

Facebook & Instagram
Content Creation
Audience Targeting
Ad Campaigns
Lead Generation
Lead Nurturing
Monthly Reporting
Lead Qualification
Basic Conversion Tracking
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Includes all features of Silver Package +

Facebook, Instagram & Tiktok
Advanced Content
Comprehensive Ad Campaigns
Customized Landing Pages
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Dedicated Account Manager
Lead Scoring
Advanced Conversion Tracking
A/B Testing for Ad Creatives
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Social Media Elite with Sales Assistant

Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok & all other platform
Sales Assistant
Advanced Analytics
Lead Scoring
Custom CRM Integration
Ongoing Strategy Refinement
Transparent Monthly Reporting
Marketing Automation
Retargeting Campaigns
Behavioral Email Marketing
Advanced Funnel Optimization
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