Facebook Custom Audiences: Maximize Marketing Potential

Maximizing Marketing Potential: Building Facebook Custom Audiences from Your Customer Lists

1. The Significance of Customer Lists:

  • For marketers, their prospect and customer lists are invaluable assets.
  • These lists serve multiple purposes, from maintaining communication and nurturing leads into customers to laying the foundation for creating audience personas.

2. Facebook Custom Audiences Overview:

  • Facebook Custom Audiences, now under the Meta umbrella, empower marketers to deliver precisely targeted ads to existing contacts and visitors across Meta platforms, encompassing Facebook and Instagram.
  • There exist four distinct types of custom audiences: Website custom audiences, App activity custom audiences, Engagement custom audiences, and Customer list custom audiences.
Facebook Custom Audiences Overview

3. Advantages of Facebook Custom Audiences:

  • Custom audiences provide a convenient and effective avenue for reaching your list without grappling with the challenges often associated with email marketing, such as crowded inboxes and stringent spam filters.
  • Notably, the ability to construct lookalike audiences is a unique benefit, enabling you to reach users who closely resemble your existing customers.

4. Creating Customer List Custom Audiences:

  • To establish a Customer List Custom Audience, it’s essential to properly format your data before uploading it to Meta.
  • The article offers step-by-step instructions for setting up this custom audience through Ads Manager and designating it as the source for your ad campaigns.

5. Crafting Lookalike Audiences:

  • Following the creation of a Customer List Custom Audience, it can be effectively employed as the foundation for constructing lookalike audiences.
  • These lookalike audiences are a valuable tool for reaching users who share similarities with your established customer base.
  • A helpful suggestion is to base your lookalike audience on your most valuable customers for increased precision.

6. Streamlining Custom Audience Updates:

  • It’s important to note that Customer List Custom Audiences do not automatically update themselves, posing a challenge as your customer list expands.
  • The article recommends utilising integration as a solution to automatically include email addresses in your custom audience whenever fresh contacts are added to your list, regardless of its storage location.
Streamlining Custom Audience Updates

7. Ready-Made Workflows:

  • The article presents pre-made workflows via Integration, simplifying the process of maintaining up-to-date custom audiences.
  • These workflows include examples like integrating new Mailchimp subscribers, email entries from Typeform, and contacts from HubSpot into Facebook Custom Audiences.