Top 2023 Marketing Newsletters for Strategic Insights

Stay Informed with the Best Marketing Newsletters of 2023

In an era where new technologies, particularly AI, are reshaping the marketing landscape continuously, staying up-to-date with the latest trends has never been more crucial. The sheer abundance of marketing newsletters, though, can be overwhelming. As someone who’s subscribed to numerous marketing newsletters and constantly seeks recommendations from platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn, I’ve curated a list of the most popular, insightful, and even contrarian marketing newsletters for you to consider in 2023.

The Best Marketing Newsletters:

While these are my personal favorites, there are countless other valuable options available. Feel free to explore those that pique your interest, but remember to unsubscribe if they don’t align with your expectations.

1. Demand Curve for Startups and Growth Marketers

  • Demand Curve stands out as a remarkable resource for marketing strategies. Their newsletter offers well-researched insights, teardowns, resources, and even job openings in the marketing world. Notably, they share practical wisdom such as the “copywriting rule of three,” a concept used in Apple’s tagline for the MacBook Pro.
Demand Curve for Startups and Growth Marketers

2. Sunday Branding Newsletter for eCommerce and DTC

  • If you’re in the eCommerce or consumer packaged goods (CPG) realm, Nick Sharma’s Sunday Newsletter is a gem. It doesn’t just offer a warm welcome; it provides a free 39-page slide deck on launching a successful DTC brand.

3. Everyone Hates Marketers for Contrarian Marketers

  • Louis Grenier, host of the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast, offers a unique perspective on marketing. His daily newsletter, filled with marketing experiments and personal stories, is a refreshing and thought-provoking choice.

4. The Menu for Marketing Strategists

  • The Menu, curated by Amanda Natividad, a former VP of Marketing at SparkToro, provides actionable tips on various marketing facets, often backed by her hands-on experiments, like enhancing email open rates.

5. Sticky Notes for Marketing Stories

  • Cole Schafer, a creative copywriter and founder of Honey Copy, presents an engaging newsletter blending humour, anecdotes, and insights on writing, marketing, and entrepreneurship through storytelling.
Sticky Notes for Marketing Stories

6. Marketing Examined for Growth Hackers

  • Alex Garcia, CMO at The Kollective, offers tactical growth advice in his newsletter, including inventive ideas like capitalising on the rebranded Kia logo for SEO.

7. Copywriting Course for Creative Copywriters

  • Neville Medhora, a renowned copywriter, and his newsletter, Copywriting Course, deliver valuable copywriting lessons, swipe files, and community interaction for aspiring and seasoned copywriters.

8. Marketing Brew for the Latest Marketing News

  • Marketing Brew, a daily newsletter under Morning Brew, keeps you updated on marketing trends and news in an engaging, conversational style. It reveals interesting insights like brand collaborations, such as Doritos partnering with Netflix.

9. Marketing Examples for Visual Learners

  • Harry Dry’s Marketing Examples, known for its visual explanations, offers valuable lessons and a well-designed format for an easy grasp of marketing concepts.

10. Go-To-Millions for Monetization Tips

Ari Murray’s Go-To-Millions, delivered three times a week, shares marketing strategies, playbooks, and insightful anecdotes, such as a curated list of high-performing websites.

11. Backlinko for SEO Enthusiasts

Brian Dean’s Backlinko, a go-to resource for SEO and content marketing, sends out newsletters on the latest posts, SEO tips, and exclusive content to keep you updated on SEO practices.

12. Marketing for Busy Marketers

Saijo George’s Marketing compiles the most interesting marketing articles, making it an efficient resource for busy marketers. A comprehensive list of marketing tools grouped by category is an added bonus.

13. Neil Patel’s Newsletter for Bloggers

Neil Patel, a prominent figure in the digital marketing world, offers insights, resources, growth hacks, and tools, with a natural focus on SEO in his newsletter.

Deciding on the ideal marketing newsletter to subscribe to largely depends on your interests and needs. My recommendation? Explore these diverse options to gain valuable perspectives and experiences from across the marketing industry. Just remember to balance your reading with your day-to-day responsibilities.